Temple of Solomon.

Temple of Solomon.

May 31, 2014 / same2u2

Resistance to injustice is nothing new as this practice began in the early Roman era when the Jewish group `Sicarii`, also known as the `Zealots`, faught against Roman rule in Palestine. The Zealots, (Zeal meaning Hamas) so named after burning their own food in order to starve the Roman troops. Their targets were Romans and local jews who collaberated with them. Their tactic was to mingle in the crowds of large gatherings, identify and stab their opponent, then disappear back into the crowd. The panic created was more alarming than the act itself because everyone expected death at any moment. The objective was to provoke conflict, and the ultimate goal was to end the Roman rule. They did not end Roman rule, but it did contribute to the destruction of the temple.

God forbid king David from building a temple in his honour because of all the bloodshed by his hand across the earth. God said unto King David of Israel, “Thou hast shed blood abundantly and hast made great wars. Thou shalt not build a house unto my name, for thou hast shed much blood upon the earth in my sight”. Yet Israel proudly displays the star of David on their flag. King David invaded and conquered the region of Jebus, established a capital and named it Jerusalem. Here at Mount Moriah in the heart of Jerusalem is where Abraham wished to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, to God. As the holiest of ground, this was the obvious place to build the temple. His son and heir to the throne, Solomon, eventually built the temple in Jerusalem and this became known as the holy `Temple of Solomon`.

Solomon was the son of King David of Israel by Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah. He was born in 981BC and with his mothers influence came to the position of heir to David`s throne in the year 961BC when at the age of 20. The sad fact was that his subjects were lacking the skills required for them to create such a temple as wished for by David. The jews were and still are better known for their military prowess than for their engineering skills. King Solomon then requested the help of King Hiram who`s subjects, the Tyrion and the Sidonions (Iraqi) were famous for their incredible talent and skills in architechture. Many thousands of them were sent over with a huge supply of Lebanese cedar to Joppa, now Tel Aviv, and then on to Jerusalem, the capital city of Palestine. The temple construction began in the year of 957BC and took just over 7 years to completion in 950BC. There remains today only one wall which is rgarded as a most holy site. The city of Jerusalem is controlled by the jews but is in fact still regarded as the capital city of Palestine. King Solomon`s temple stood for almost 400 years in Jerusalem untill it was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. About 50 years later in 538BC, King Cyrus of Persia (Iran) captured Babylon, thus releasing the jews who were enslaved there.

The Jews then returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple which was then completed in 515BC. In the year 63BC the Romans under General Pompey captured the city and then later in 54BC it was plundered by the Roman Consul, Crassus. King Herod took the city in 37BC. Then some time around 20BC reconstruction began once more. Work continued till about 64AD, but right after its completion the Romans retook the city of Jerusalem. This time the Romans destroyed the temple, thus ending its history. Only a small section of the outer wall remains today and is known as the `Wailing Wall`. King Solomons reign lasted 40 years and when he died, the glory and power of the hebrew empire died with him. Gradually the empire grew to what it is today, but due to its abuse of power, greed, corruption and determination to reach global domination, I predict that it will soon destroy itself once more.